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A true passion for service, quality and hospitality..

In search of a new challenge, two restaurateurs with a genuine passion for service, quality and hospitality joined forces to introduce Zwolle to a new concept. With a view to enriching the already diverse culinary heart in the city centre of Zwolle, a high-quality tastemaker has emerged in the form of the Argentinian Steak & Grill: Vaca Negra. Together with a passionate and driven team of hosts and professional chefs, Vaca Negra offers a day out that is all about the savouring unique, tasty Argentinian cuisine.

Vaca Negra means Black Beef and is a Spanish reference to the type of meat we mainly use.

At Vaca Negra we strive to deliver quality. Starting with the livestock that we source, which is then refined by us in a unique way in our kitchen. Our livestock comes from Argentina and Uruguay, where the method used for livestock farming has remained unchanged from generation to generation. Vaca Negra promises that your day out will be all about savouring unique, tasty Argentine Cuisine.

Vaca Negra | Dining

Vaca Negra
High-Quality Meat

The meat is exclusively sourced from Black Hereford or Black Angus beef cattle and is 100% pure and natural, due to the fact that they roam freely for 24-30 months on haciendas that are the same size as the province of Utrecht. They are not refed, but they feed themselves. As a result, the meat naturally has a healthy level of fats, which makes it taste even better.

Vaca Negra
What defines good quality?

A cow is a herbivore and belongs out in the pasture. For this reason there are no stables, there's no manure surplus, and no concentrates, beet pulp, vitamins, minerals or additives are used in the process. Extensive farming is cheaper, more animal-friendly and better for the environment and produces meat that tastes far better. Fortunately, this method of production has always been retained.

The most natural livestock farming in the world.

Exclusively cattle slaughtered at the age of two.

Fully HACCP certified and 100% traceable.

Stringent selection procedures, both during, before and after slaughter.

Vaca Negra
Dry Aged

We also have a 'Dry Aged Cabinet' in which the meat is aged for at least 3 weeks under constant humidity (85%) and temperatures between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius. This process ensures that enzymes break down the meat, creating an extremely tender piece of meat with a rich taste. We use MRIJ-beef from Piet van de Berg.

Vaca Negra

We prepare almost all of our products on the handmade charcoal grill with V-shaped grill grates, a unique grilling process which gives the meat a caramelised flavour.

Vaca Negra

As you can see we also have a homarium at the door. It mainly holds Canadian lobsters from 5 to 8 years old, weighing 600 grams. If possible, we use European lobsters. Would you like to try one of our lobsters? Then you can pick one out yourself or, if you prefer, you can leave it to the kitchen.

At Vaca Negra, we want you to have a wonderful night out.
So are there any wishes, do you have any questions or comments?
Please let us know.

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