The Hanseatic city of Zwolle is more than worth a visit. Just take a few more days out, because one day is not enough to experience this beautiful city.

Zwolle City has a historic center with many attractions, such as Museum de Fundatie and Waanders in de Broeren, restaurants that are praised for their culinary delights, cozy terraces and bars, a cozy city center with hospitable shopkeepers and of course plenty of opportunities for a night out, such as theater Odeon the mirror.

  • Las Rosas
    Distance | 170 METER | On Foot

    Las Rosas
    Grand Café & Tapas Bar Zwolle

    Where Spanish passion and Zwolse cosiness have been merged successfully. Enjoy our authentic Mediterranean dishes and delicious, characteristic wines in a beautiful ambiance, right in the historic center of Hanseatic Zwolle. Loop Route
  • In Den Hoofdwacht
    Distance | 110 METER | On Foot

    In Den Hoofdwacht
    Brasserie & Wijnbar

    Not a restaurant in the classic sense of the word, but a wine bar or actually an eatery 2.0 with lots of open wines, nice beers, special drinks and nice dishes the size of an intermediate dish. These dishes change seasonally. You will also see a wine recommendation on the menu, look at the wine list for a detailed explanation. This is only an advice, of course your own taste is decisive. Loop Route
  • Hanze Hotel Zwolle
    Distance | 170 METER | On Foot

    Hanze Hotel

    The Hanze Hotel is located in a monumental building in the center of Zwolle. This property has a spacious terrace with a beautiful view over the canals and the city center. Loop Route

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